AXILE G6 is honored for grand award in industry days


Optimum Hungária Kft., one of Buffalo’s outstanding dealers in Europe has presented AXILE G6 in the INDUSTRY DAYS – MACH-TECH 2019 exhibition to show its capability of 5X simultaneous machining, integration of advanced compensation technology and smart monitoring technology.

As a local machine tool distributor in Hungary, Optimum provides excellent products and services along with innovative technology to the markets. AXILE G6 was developed by the Buffalo Machinery with its flexibility of mechanical configuration and industry 4.0 technology.  AXILE G6 has developed 3 different concepts based on the same machine structure, G6 with bigger tool magazine for more complex parts manufacturers, G6 Compact for the smaller subcontractors with reduced space availability, G6 Automation of APC and Robot for those who need longer production times. Buffalo’s award-winning industry 4.0 technology, ART™ system is also available for the AXILE G6 to meet the market demanding of smart manufacturing.

AXILE G6 was introduced by the Optimum Hungária Kft. to enter the Grand Prix Competition. The nominated product was judged by noted professionals and it is grateful to announce that AXILE G6 has won the GRAND PRIX 2019 in the categories of best products and most outstanding innovations that fall within one of the product groups of INDUSTRY DAYS – MACH-TECH 2019 is sold in Hungary.

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SOURCEBuffalo Machinery Co., Ltd
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