CNC | G27 Code | Reference Point Return Check

In this article, we describe how to use G27 code for reference point return check function in CNC machines with all details and examples. 



This function checks whether the axes are correctly returned to the reference point at the completion of the part program which is created so that the program starts and ends at the reference point in the machine by specifying the commands of “G27 X(U)… Z(W)… (C(H)… Y(V)…);”.

In this mode, the function checks whether or not the axes positioned by the execution of these commands in the simultaneous 2-axis control mode are located at the reference point. For the axes not specified in this block, positioning and check are not executed.

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G27 Code Format

G27 X… Z… ;

How it Works?

When the position reached after the execution of the commands in the G27 block agrees with the reference point, the reference point return complete lamp lights. The automatic operation is continuously executed when all of the specified axes are positioned at the reference point. If there is an axis that has not been returned to the reference point, reference point return check error occurs and the automatic operation is interrupted.

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