CNC | G31 Code | Skip Function (Quick Guide)

In this article, we describe how to use G31 code for skip function in CNC machines with all details and examples.


G31 Code Introduction

Linear interpolation can be commanded by specifying axial move following the G31 command, like G01.

If an external skip signal is input during the execution of this command, execution of the command is interrupted and the next block is executed.

The skip function is used when the end of machining is not programmed but specified with a signal from the machine, for example, in grinding. It is used also for measuring the dimensions of a workpiece.

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G31 Code Format

G31 IP_ ;
G31 : One-shot G code (If is effective only in the block in which it is specified)
IP_ : Related axis motion

If G31 command is issued while tool radius/tool nose radius compensation is applied, an alarm PS0035 is displayed. Cancel the tool radius compensation with the G40 command before the G31 command is specified.

G31 Code Examples

G31 CNC Program Example – 1 – Incremental Programming

G31 G91 X100.0 F100;

G31 CNC Program Example – 2 – Absolute Programming

G31 G90 X200.0 F100;

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