CNC | G34 Code | Variable Lead Threading (Quick Guide)

In this article, we describe how to use G34 code for variable lead threading in CNC lathe machines with all details and examples.



Specifying an increment or a decrement value for a lead per screw revolution enables variable lead threading to be performed.

G34 Code Format

G34 IP_ F_ K_ Q_ ;


IP_ : End point
F_ : Lead in longitudinal axis direction at the start point
K_ : Increment and decrement of lead per spindle revolution
Q_ : Shift amount of starting angle of thread cutting

Address other than K are the same as in straight/taper thread cutting with G32.

G34 Code Example

Lead at the start point: 8.0 mm
Lead increment: 0.3 mm/rev
G34 Z-72.0 F8.0 K0.3 ;

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