CNC Grinding | G72 Cycle | Traverse Direct Constant-Size Grinding

In this article, we describe how to use G72 size grinding cycle for CNC Grinding machines with all details.


CNC Grinding – Size Grinding

This cycle uses only CNC grinding machines with related control units. Not applicable to CNC lathe or machine centres.

A traverse direct constant-size grinding cycle can be executed.

If the multi-step skip option is specified, a gage number can be specified. The method of gage number specification is the same as for the multi-step skip option. If the multi-step skip option is not specified, the conventional skip signal is used.

The commands and operations other than gage number specification are the same as for G71.

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CNC Grinding – G72 Format

G72 P_ A_ B_ W_ U_ I_ K_ H_ ;


P_ : Gage number (1 to 4)
A_ : First depth of cut (The cutting direction depends on the sign.)
B_ : Second depth of cut (The cutting direction depends on the sign.)
W_ : Grinding range (The grinding direction depends on the sign.)
U_ : Dwell time
I_ : Feedrate for A and B
K_ : Feedrate for W
H_ : Repetitive count (from 1 to 9999)]]>


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