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In this article, we describe how to use G32 cycle for threading in CNC lathe machines with all details and examples.


Constant Lead Threading Cycle Introduction

Tapered screws and scroll threads in addition to equal lead straight threads can be cut by using a G32 command.

The spindle speed is read from the position coder on the spindle in real time and converted to a cutting feedrate for feed-per minute mode, which is used to move the tool.

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CNC Thread Types

G32 Code Format


G32 IP_ F_;


IP_: End point
F _: Lead of the long axis
(always radius programming)

G32 Cycle Examples

Example – 1 – Straight Threading Example

CNC Lathe Straight Threading Example

The following values are used in programming :
Thread lead :4mm
Depth of cut :1mm (cut twice)
(Metric input, diameter programming)

G00 U-62.0 ;
G32 W-74.5 F4.0 ;
G00 U62.0 ;
W74.5 ;
U-64.0 ;
(For the second cut, cut 1mm more)
G32 W-74.5 ;
G00 U64.0 ;
W74.5 ;

Example – 2 – Tapered Threading Example

CNC Lathe Tapered Threading Example

The following values are used in programming :
Thread lead : 3.5mm in the direction of the Z axis
Cutting depth in the X axis direction is 1mm (cut twice)
(Metric input, diameter programming)

G00 X 12.0 Z72.0 ;
G32 X 41.0 Z29.0 F3.5 ;
G00 X 50.0 ;
Z 72.0 ;
X 10.0 ;
(Cut 1mm more for the second cut)
G32 X 39.0 Z29.0 ;
G00 X 50.0 ;
Z 72.0 ;

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