CNC Lathe | G76 Cycle Example | Simple Threading


Technical Drawing

CNC Lathe | G76 Cycle Example | Simple Threading

CNC Program

N10 G97 S1000 M03 ;
T0100 ;
G00 X50.0 Z5.0 T0101 ;
G76 P021060 Q100 R100 ;
G76 X28.2 Z-32.0 P900 Q500 F1.5 ;
G00 X200.0 Z200.0 T0100 ;
M30 ;

G Codes Explanation

G00 Rapid traverse
G01 Linear interpolation
G02 and G03 Circular Interpolation
G28 Reference Point Return
G41 and G42 Tool Nose Offset
G54 Work Offset
G70 Contour Finishing
G76 Multiple Repetitive Threading
G96 Constant Surface Speed
G97 Cancel Constant Surface Speed

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