CNC Lathe | T Command | Tool Change (Quick Guide)

In this article, we describe how to use T codes to prepare or change turret tool in CNC lathe machines with all details and examples.


Tool Change Introduction

Tool programming is done, to call the tools mounted on the turret in different stations. The tool programming is done by means of the code T.

Tool Number (Tn)

To the right of T any number from 1 to 8 is programmed. The number programmed to the right of T, indicates the turret station in which the tool is mounted (in case of 12 station turret, the number entered is from 1 to 12).

To call tool 1 (station 1)

N5 T01; is programmed.

Tool Number Cancellation (T00)

Tool number can be cancelled by programming T00.

N5 T00 ; cancels tool number selected earlier.

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