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In this article, we describe how to use G72.1 command for rotational copy in Fanuc controlled CNC milling (machine centre) machines with all details and examples.


G72.1 Code Introduction

Machining can be repeated after moving or rotating the figure using a subprogram with G72.1 code.

G72.1 Code Format

Xp-Yp plane (specified by G17) : G72.1 P_ L_ Xp_Yp_R_ ;
Zp-Xp plane (specified by G18) : G72.1 P_ L_ Zp_Xp_R_ ;
Yp-Zp plane (specified by G19) : G72.1 P_ L_ Yp_Zp_R _;


P: Subprogram number
L: Number of times the operation is repeated
Xp: Center of rotation on the Xp axis (Xp: X-axis or an axis parallel to the X-axis)
Yp: Center of rotation on the Yp axis (Yp: Y-axis or an axis parallel to the Y-axis)
Zp: Center of rotation on the Zp axis (Zp: Z-axis or an axis parallel to the Z-axis)
R: Angular displacement (A positive value indicates a counterclockwise angular displacement. Specify an incremental value.)

Specify a plane selection command (G17, G18, or G19) to select the plane on which the
rotational copying is made.

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G72.1 Code Example

Main Program

O1000 ;
N10 G92 X40.0 Y50.0 ;
N20 G00 G90 X_ Y_ ; (P0)
N30 G01 G17 G41 X_ Y_ D01 F10 ; (P1)
N40 G72.1 P2000 L3 X0 Y0 R120.0 ;
N50 G40 G01 X_ Y_ I_ J_ ; (P0)
N60 G00 X40.0 Y50.0 ;
N70 M30 ;

Sub Program

O2000 G03 X_ Y_ R30.0 ; (P2)
N100 G01 X_ Y_ ; (P3)
N200 G03 X_ Y_ R10.0 ; (P4)
N300 G01 X_ Y_ ; (P5)
N400 G03 X_ Y_ R30.0 ; (P6)
N500 M99;

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