CNC Milling | G05.1 | Smooth Interpolation (Quick Guide)

In this article, we describe how to use G05.1 code for Smooth Interpolation in CNC milling machines with all details and examples.



Either of two types of machining can be selected, depending on the program command.

  • For those portions where the accuracy of the figure is critical, such as at corners, machining  is performed exactly as specified by the program command.
  • For those portions having a large radius of curvature where a smooth figure must be created, points along the machining path are interpolated with a smooth curve, calculated from the polygonal lines specified with the program command (smooth interpolation).

In this manner, high-speed, high-precision machining can be performed.
For this function, the AI contour control option is required for Fanuc CNC controller.

G05.1 Code Format

G05.1 Q2 Xp0 Yp0 Zp0 ; Smooth interpolation mode on
G05.1 Q0 ; Smooth interpolation mode off


Xp : X axis or an axis parallel to the X-axis
Yp : Y axis or an axis parallel to the X-axis
Zp : Z axis or an axis parallel to the X-axis

G05.1 Code Examples

Simple with Details


G05.1 Q2 X0 Y0 Z0;

G05.1 Q0;


If the following functions are required before smooth interpolation, specify G05.1.

  • AI contour control
  • Machining condition selecting function

Example with above functions


G05.1 Q1 R1; AI contour control, Machining condition selecting function
G05.1 Q2 X0 Y0 Z0; Smooth interpolation mode on

G05.1 Q0; Smooth interpolation mode off, AI contour control mode off


Smooth Interpolation

G91 ;
N13 X-1000 Z- 50 ;
G05. 1 Q2 X0 Y0 Z0 ;
N01 G01 X1000 Z-300 ;
N02 X1000 Z-200 ;
N03 X1000 Z-50 ;
N04 X1000 Z50 ;
N05 X1000 Z50 ; .
N06 X1000 Z-25 ; .
N07 X1000 Z-175 ;
N08 X1000 Z-350 ;
N09 Y1000 ;
N10 X-1000 Z350 ;
N11 X-1000 Z175 ;
N12 X-1000 Z25 ;
N13 X-1000 Z- 50 ;
N14 X-1000 Z- 50 ;
N15 X-1000 Z50 ;
N16 X-1000 Z200 ;
N17 X-1000 Z300 ;
G05. 1 Q0 ;

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