Fanuc Cs Contouring Control



The Cs Contouring function controls the position of the serial spindle using the spindle motor in conjunction with a dedicated detector mounted on the spindle.
The Cs contouring control function provides a higher precision than the spindle positioning function and enables positioning with other servo axes. Namely, the Cs contouring control function enables linear interpolation between the spindle and servo axes.
The speed of the serial spindle is controlled by the spindle speed control function, while the spindle positioning is controlled by the Cs contouring control function (“spindle contouring control”). Spindle speed control rotates the spindle using the velocity command, while the spindle contour control rotates the spindle using the move command.
Switching between spindle speed control and Cs contouring control is performed by signals set in the PMC. In the Cs contouring control mode, the Cs contouring control axis can be operated either manually or automatically, in the same way as normal servo axes.
This function is a basic function in FANUC Series 0i-MF (Type 1) and 0i-TF (Type 1).


  • High-precision positioning of the spindle
  • Interpolation between the spindle axis and the feed axes

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