G12.1 Code Examples

In this article, We write CNC program examples for polar coordinate interpolation with G12.1 code.


G12.1 Code

G12.1 is a CNC code and used to perform polar coordinate interpolation in CNC Lathe machines.

Polar coordinate interpolation is a function that exercises contour control in converting a command programmed in a Cartesian coordinate system to the movement of a linear axis (movement of a tool) and the movement of a rotary axis (rotation of a workpiece). This function is useful in cutting a front surface and grinding a cam shaft for turning.

G12.1 Code Examples for CNC Lathe

Example – 1

G12.1 example for CNC Lathe
G12.1 example for CNC Lathe
G94 ;
T0101 ;
G00 X120.0 C0 ; Positioning at the cutting start point
G12.1 ; Polar coordinate interpolation mode ON
G01 G42 X40.0 F100.0 ;
G03 X0 C40.0 I–20.0 ;
G01 X–25.0 ;
G03 X–40.0 C25.0 K–15.0 ;
G01 C0 ;
G03 X20.0 I20.0 ;
G01 G40 X120.0 ;
G13.1 ; Polar coordinate interpolation mode OFF
M30 ;


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