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In this article, we describe how to use background edit function for Haas CNC machines and controllers with all details and examples.



Background edit lets you edit a program while a program runs for Haas CNC controller. If you edit the active program, background edit creates a copy of the program until you overwrite the active program, save the edited program as a new program, or discard the program. The changes you make do not affect the program while it runs.

Things to Know

  • Press [PROGRAM] or [MEMORY] to exit background edit.
  • You cannot use [CYCLE START] during a background edit session. If the running
    program contains a programmed stop, you must exit background edit before you can
    use [CYCLE START] to continue the program.
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How to Use?

1. To edit the active program, press [EDIT] while the program runs. A copy of the active program appears in the PROGRAM GENERATION pane on the right-hand side of the screen.

2. To edit a different program while the active program runs:

a. Press [LIST PROGRAM].
b. Select the program that you want to edit.
c. Press [ALTER].

The program appears in the PROGRAM GENERATION pane on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Edit the program.

4. The changes that you make to the active program do not affect the program while it runs.

5. If you background edit the active program, after the program finishes running, when you attempt to leave the screen, a popup gives the option to overwrite the program or discard your changes.

  • Pick the first item, Overwrite After End of Program, in the popup and press [ENTER] to overwrite the active program with your changes.
  • Pick the second item, Discard Changes, in the popup and press [ENTER] to discard all of your changes.

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