Mitsubishi CNC | M70-M700 Series | Easy SSS Function

In this article, we describe how to set and use EasySSS function for precise surface quality for Mitsubishi CNC (M70 and M700 series) controlled machines.



EasySSS control is used in high speed and high accuracy modes. Improved speed and speed control is achieved with this function. Increases the smoothness of the workpiece surface.


To activate this function, it is necessary to set parameter # 8090 to “1”. Standard values ​​of the parameters used below:

#8090 = 1 (Easy SSS control active)
#8091 = 1 (1 is standard value, to eliminate the effect of steps or errors, etc., set a large value. To enable sufficient deceleration, set a small value. If 0 is set standard value 1 will be applied)
#8092 = 1 (ClampCoeff. Standard value =1. Set the clamp speed at the curved section configured of fine segments.)
#8093 = 5 (StepLength, standard = 5 micrometers. Set the width of the step at which the speed is not to be decelerated. (Approximately the same as the CAM path difference [Tolerance].)
#8094 = Deceleration Wait Time, set the time to wait for deceleration when the speed FB does not drop to the clamp speed. (Setting: 0 to 100 ms)
#1571 = Selection of SSS control constant coefficient value (Setting 0/1)


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EasySSS function is active, only the when parameter # 8090 is set to 1. When EasySSS mode is active you will see it on “Modal menu” screen.

Applicable Operating Modes

High accuracy control mode ON, G61.1
High accuracy control mode start, G8P1
High speed and high accuracy mode 1 G5.1Q1
High speed and high accuracy mode 2 G5P10000.

Applicable CNC Series

EasySSS function M700VS, M700VW, M70V is only available M-version (Machining centre and milling). Function could be used on NC software version J0 and later. Works with following series.

M720VS, M730VS, M750VS
M720VW, M730VW, M750VW
M70VA, M70VB, M70VU-A, M70VU-B


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