Mitsubishi CNC Milling | R Parameter | Corner Rounding

In this article, we describe how to use R code for easy corner rounding in Mitsubishi CNC controlled milling (machine centre) machines with all details and examples. 


R Code Introduction

Chamfering at any angle or corner rounding is performed automatically by adding “,C_” or “,R_” to the end of the block to be commanded first among those command blocks which shape the corner with lines only.

The hypothetical corner, which would exist if the corner were not to be rounded, is rounded with an arc that has a radius commanded by “,R_” only when configured of linear lines.

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R Code Format

N100 G01 X__ Y__ ,R__ ;
N200 G01 X__ Y__ ;

Corner rounding is performed at the point where N100 and N200 intersect.


R : Arc radius of corner rounding

R Code Example

(1) G91 G01 X100. R10.;
(2) X100. Y100.;

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