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In this article, we describe how to use HOLES1 to make a row of holes in Siemens CNC controlled machines with all details and examples.


HOLES1 Introduction

With this cycle, you can make a row of holes, i.e., a number of drill holes in a straight line. The type of drill hole is determined by the drilling cycle that has already been called modally.

Supported CNC Series

Siemens CNC 802D, 810D, 840D, 840D sl, 840Di, 840Di sl series controllers.

HOLES1 Format



SPCA = Abscissa of a reference point on the straight line (absolute)
SPCO = Ordinate of this reference point (absolute)
STA1 = Angle to abscissa ( Range of values: –180 < STA1 ≤ 180 degrees )
FDIS = Distance between the first drill hole and the reference point (enter without sign)
DBH = Distance between the holes (enter without sign)
DBH = Distance between the holes (enter without sign)

HOLES1 Examples

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HOLES1 CNC Program Example – 1

Use this program to machine a row of holes consisting of 5 tapped holes arranged parallel to the Z axis of the ZX plane and which have a distance of 20 mm one to another. The starting point of the row of holes is at Z20 and X30 whereby the first hole has a distance of 10 mm from this point. The geometry of the row of holes is described by the cycle HOLES1. First of all, drilling is performed with cycle CYCLE81 and then with CYCLE84 tapping (rigid). The holes are 80 mm in depth (difference between reference plane and final drilling depth).

Siemens CNC Holes1 Program Example

DEF REAL RFP=102, DP=22, RTP=105, DEF REAL SDIS, FDIS ; ;Definition of the parameters with value assignments
N10 SDIS=3 FDIS=10 ;Value for safety clearance as well as distance from the first drilling to the reference point
N20 G90 F30 S500 M3 D1 T1 ;Specification of the technology values for the planing section
N30 G18 G0 Z20 Y105 X30 ;Approach start position
N40 MCALL CYCLE81 (RTP, RFP, SDIS, DP) ;Modal call of drilling cycle
N50 HOLES1 (SPCA, SPCO, STA1, FDIS, DBH, NUM) ; Call of row of holes cycle, beginning with the first drill hole, only the drill positions are approached in the cycle
N60 MCALL ;Deselect modal call
… ; Change tool
N70 G90 G0 Z30 Y75 X105 ;Approach position next to 5th hole
N80 MCALL CYCLE84 (RTP, RFP, SDIS, DP,, 3, , 4.2, , , 400) ; Modal call of tapping cycle
N90 HOLES1 (SPCA, SPCO, STA1, FDIS, DBH, NUM) ; Call of row of holes cycle, beginning with the 5th drill hole in the row of holes
N100 MCALL ;Deselect modal call
N110 M30 ;Program end

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