Siemens CNC Milling | CYCLE74 | Transfer Pocket Edge Contour

In this article, we describe how to use CYCLE74 to transfers the pocket edge contour to pocket milling in Siemens CNC controlled milling (machine centre) machines with all details and examples.


CYCLE74 Introduction

Cycle CYCLE74 transfers the pocket edge contour to pocket milling cycle CYCLE73. This is achieved by creating a temporary internal file in the standard cycles directory and storing the transferred parameter values in it.

If a file of this type already exists, it is deleted and set up again. For this reason, a program sequence for milling pockets with islands must always begin with a call for this cycle.

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CYCLE74 Format



_KNAME = Name of contour subroutine of pocket edge contour
_LSANF = Block number/label identifying start of contour definition
_LSEND = Block number/label identifying end of contour definition

Explanation of the Parameters

The edge contour can be programmed either in a separate program or in the main program that calls the routine. Transfer to the cycle takes place via the _KNAME parameter, the name of the program, and _LSANF, LSEND, identification of the program section from…to by block numbers or labels, whereby not all of these need to be programmed.

The following options are available for contour programming:

  • Contour is in its own program, in this case, only _KNAME must be programmed; e.g. CYCLE74 (“EDGE”,””,””)
  • Contour is in the calling program, in this case, only _LSANF and _LSEND must be programmed; e.g. CYCLE74 (“”,”N10″,”N160″)
  • The edge contour is a section of a program, but not of the program calling the cycle, in this case, all three parameters must be programmed. e.g. CYCLE74(“EDGE”,”LABEL_START”,”LABEL_END”)

The program name can be described by its path name and program type.


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