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In this article, we described How to use programmable rotation function in Siemens CNC controlled milling (machine centre) machines with all details and examples


Programmable Rotation Introduction

The rotation is performed in the current plane G17 or G18 or G19 using the value of RPL=… specified in degrees. The programmable rotation function different than other controller in Siemens CNC controller.

ROT and AROT Code Format

ROT RPL=… ; Programmable rotation, deletes old instructions for offsetting, rotation, scaling factor, mirroring
AROT RPL=… ; Programmable rotation, additive to existing instructions
ROT ; Without values: clears old instructions for offset, rotation, scaling factor, mirroring
The instructions which contain ROT or AROT each require a separate block.
CNC Plane and RPL relation

See the following illustration for definition of the positive direction of the angle of rotation in the individual planes:

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Programmable Rotation Examples

AROT CNC Program Example – 1

Siemens CNC programmable rotation example

See the following illustration for programming example for programmable offset and rotation:

N10 G17 ; X/Y plane
N20 TRANS X20 Y10 ; Programmable offset
N30 L10 ; Subroutine call; contains the geometry to be offset
N40 TRANS X30 Y26 ; New offset
N50 AROT RPL=45 ; Additive 45 degree rotation
N60 L10 ; Subroutine call
N70 TRANS ; Offset and rotation cleared

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