Siemens CNC Turning | CYCLE94 | Undercut Cycle

In this article, we describe how to use CYCLE94 for undercut form in Siemens CNC controlled turning (lathe) machines with all details and examples.


CYCLE94 Introduction

With CYCLE94, you can machine undercuts of form E and F in accordance with DIN509 with the usual load on a finished part diameter of >3 mm.

Another cycle, CYCLE96, exists for producing thread undercuts (see Section “Thread Undercut – CYCLE96).

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CYCLE94 Format



SPD = Starting point in the facing axis (enter without sign)
SPL = Starting point of the contour in the longitudinal axis (enter without sign)
FORM = Definition of the form; Values: E (for form E), F (for form F)
_VARI = Specification of undercut position; Values: 0 (corresponding to the tool point direction of the tool), 1 to 4 (define position)


CYCLE94 CNC Program Example – 1 – Undercut

You can machine an undercut of form E with this program.

Siemens CNC Turning CYCLE94 Program Example

N10 T25 D3 S300 M3 G18 G95 F0.3 ; Specification of technology values
N20 G0 G90 Z100 X50 ; Selection of starting position
N30 CYCLE94(20, 60, “E”) ; Cycle call
N40 G90 G0 Z100 X50 ; Approach next position
N50 M02 ; End of program

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